What do you look for in your meat produce?

Do you want to be free of the worry of preservatives and chemicals in your meat? Would you rather know exactly how your cuts are sourced?

McMaster's Homefarm Meats is proud to source all of our meat from our very own family farm, with a direct line from cattle to customer. Our shop is located in town, so you don't have to look far for perfectly natural produce.

We offer you a complete and personal butchery service, including:

  • All beef and lamb reared from birth on our family farm
  • All meat hung and matured
  • All beef, lamb and pork boned in the shop
  • Slimming section also available
Don't look any further for cuts of meat reared in the most natural way. Call McMaster's Homefarm Meats on 
02893 353 313
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